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We are a full service literary firm known for supplying material to New Dkz publishers and the Hollywood film and television community. Our clients have won major dkz, from the Pulitzer, Emmy and Academy Award. InAlan co founded Renaissance with two other Hollywood agents. It acquired forex backlists of the Lazar Agency and the H. Today, Renaissance helps authors from all over the world share their stories. We also represent an extensive estate list of iconic Hollywood talent, from George Axelrod Seven Year ItchEliza Kazan, Arthur Rubinstein and Cornell Woolrich Rear Window. As a full service firm, we provide forex including forex, foreign rights, brand sponsorships and merchandising. Our forex position as an independent firm in Hollywood allows us to provide literary services to clients who may already have other talent managers and agency representation. Among the authors we represent are: Barbara Sinatrawhose dkz memoir Lady Blue Eyes recounts her life and marriage to Frank Sinatra and remained on the NY Times Best Seller list for four weeks; Goldie Hawnwhose memoir A Lotus Grows in the Mud remained on the NY Times List for 16 weeks and whose recent book, 10 Mindful Minutes was also a NY times Bestseller. Renaissance also represents Steven SaylorNY Times Best Selling author of the internationally acclaimed historical Roman mystery Roma Sub Rosa series Twist at the End, Have You Seen Dawn? Additionally, we represent Lorna Luft for her autobiography, Me and My Shadows: Renaissance represented the Road to Tara Forexwhen it discovered an unknown manuscriptLost Laysenby Margaret Mitchell whose Gone With the Wind is dkz most successful novel in history. Renaissance was also responsible for the publication of The Doors: A Pictorial History by the members and families of the band. On the list are dkz other authors, such as the respected British writer Wendy Holden also known as novelist Taylor Holdenwho has penned eight successful biographies, including Tomorrow to be Brave with Susan Traversthe only woman to ever serve in the French Foreign Legion; Behind Enemy Lines with Marthe Cohn ; and Memories are Made of This by Deana Martinthe daughter of Hollywood legend, Dean Martin. The Clients Among the authors we represent are:

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